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About us

The Eco Auto Rent Works for YOU.
Our main goal is to provide customers with eco-solutions that will help with Your budget. Our offer is not only economic, but also ecological, and using our vehicle fleet, You will help to improve and protect the environment. Our vehicles are powered by natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel, thus you will save with every driven kilometre.

You work with us = You gain with us


In time of constant fuel prices increase and the problem of air pollution, we would like to propose a way for a significant reduction in transport costs, while caring for our environment the same time.

Be ecological, live economical.

The ECO AUTO RENT specializes in short and long term rentals, of vehicles powered by natural gas.
Working out the maximum profit can be done in many ways, and one of those is to cooperate with the ECO AUTO RENT, and reduce maintenance costs of your own the vehicles.


Your rent from us, You gain with us!

We are the only fully ecological and economic car rental in Poland.

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